Sunday, 10 June 2007

Debutante Ball (& a birthday!)

Last night we all went to the Blue Mountains Grammar School Debutante Ball. Keira, and 5 other girls from Yr 3, were flower girls and looked absolutely beautiful in their matching pink dresses and white patent leather shoes. I had to include a close-up of her hair - we were so pleased with the way it turned out (thanks to the lovely girls at Allure Hair, Leura) and I'm so glad I didn't attempt to do it myself - that would've been way to stressful! Instead we had our first girlie afternoon at the hairdressers together sitting side by side having our hair done.

Of course not to be outdone, the boys also scrubbed up pretty well in matching dinner suits, and I wore (for the first time) my 1920's sequin dress that was found at the Victory Antiques & Cafe in Blackheath while shopping with Mary. This dress is truly divine to wear, it's quite heavy but swishes just so as you walk so that you can't help but feel special. It's one birthday I won't forget - seeing my family all dressed up, looking gorgeous and going out for dinner and dancing together.

(A very large thank you to Mary for coming over and taking these photos for us before we left for the Ball)

edited to add:
Kayla's mum, Jo, just sent me some of her photos and I wanted to add this one of us in action on the dance floor . .

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