Friday, 15 June 2007

Knitting together

Mum found these adorable little girl knitting needles for Keira last week. Keira asked for "blue wool to knit myself a scarf", so I found this ball of blues for her. She was quite specific about there being no pink, that faze is definitely over. Of course walking into the wool shop you have to pass the sale baskets out the front and I spotted lovely Jo Sharp mocha coloured wool marked down. With no plans to knit myself (lots of plans for patchworking and bag making!) I found myself talking to the lady in the shop about what I could make with the 5 balls they had left. Well, after a few tips and some new needles, I've also started a scarf for myself. So last night the girls sat on the couch together and knitted.

It's a 12ply wool, silk and cashmere blend. It feels lovely and soft to touch, just the thing as the temperature has really dropped lately and it's nice to do something that makes you feel cozy.

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