Thursday, 26 July 2007

A finished bag - and a yummy dessert

After being inspired by Mary posting pics of a finished project, I decided to finally finish a little bag I started quite some time ago . . . I was also motivated to finish after spending too much time wandering around shops trying to find a present for a friends birthday on the weekend. She's a great friend, but has quite different taste to me so I always struggle a bit because I really would like to get something she'll like.

Anyway, as I was wandering around picking things up and putting them back down again (all things I would gladly have bought for myself, I might add), I remembered this bag sitting at home patiently waiting for handles. It's a great size for my friend I think, and I'm hoping she'll like the fabric.

Also managed a dessert for the family tonight that was hugely appreciated - and considering how quick and easy it was I really will have to make it more often. Its the Apple Tart from More Perfect Recipes by David Herbert. You just spread some apricot jam onto a sheet of puff pastry, then lay the apple slices around, sprinkle sugar and dot with butter, 15mins in the oven and your done. Beautiful! The children, who are calling this apple pizza, requested small versions for school morning teas. But right now it's back to my crotchet as a lovely bundle of wool arrived in the post today!


bluemountainsmary said...

that bag is perfect - and so is the dessert - both look yummy!

Nuttula said...

Lovely bag! And suddenly I feel very hungry when I look that dessert...It looks delicious!

beglaubigte ├╝bersetzung said...

The apple tart looks so yummy!