Thursday, 11 September 2008

Birthday sewing #2 (& cute visitors)

Also whipped up just in time for Keira's birthday was this bag from Amy's Bend the Rules Sewing. I've had this book a while now and this is the first thing I've made. Just like the Sublime Stitching book which I bought at the same time and have only now used the alphabet stencils.

It's really cute the way the long handle slips through the smaller one and closes up the bag. I added an inch to each handle (they seemed too short to me) and it fits Keira fine now but I may add to the longer one in the future.

Inside I added an embroidery that Keira had made of a drawing she did when quite young. It was just hanging around in the sewing box and I thought she might like to see it when she looks inside the bag. It's such a happy little figure and makes me smile when I see it

And of course there's always a pocket inside too. This one with her name like on the pencil wrap. I seem to be adding names to everything at the moment.

This morning we woke up to two very excited children because we had visitors - very close to the house visitors and one of them has a baby! (Not a great photo through the window, didn't want to disturb them or draw the dog's attention to them!) If you look closely you can see a little head poking out. Gorgeous!



Rachel said...

What a lovely post! First the bag, full of cheerful, thoughtful detail, then the thrill of the visitors, which took me right back to my utterly magical visit to Oz last March. Thank you.

bluemountainsmary said...

You must have posted this whilst I was computerless.

Your bags are just wondrous you know!

Stomper Girl said...

Hello, just popped in from Fairlie and have to tell you how much I adore the embroidery drawing for the bag's insides. What a lovely touch.