Tuesday, 23 February 2010

Stuck in Albany

We had been in Albany, which is an old whaling town south of Perth, for about an hour when there was a bit of an incident which means we'll be here for a whole lot longer than we planned.

The Gap, Albany, WA

After finding a caravan park in town we went for a drive along the coast to see the Blowhole, Gap and Natural Bridge.  On the path down to the Gap, we passed some young guys heading back up to the car park after doing some fishing.  Just as we started to head back up one of the guys came running down to us to see if we owned a 'gold x-trail'. As you say 'yes' to a such a question you just know it isn't going to be good news!

Natural Bridge, Albany, WA

He explained, very apologetically, how he'd only just got his license and car a few days ago and as he was backing out his car door swung open and he panicked and hit the accelerator instead of the break . . .

It must have been quite an impact because the back door of the car, bumper and back window were damaged extensively.  Oh, and he also explained that he hadn't got around to getting any insurance yet.

That was on Saturday night.  We went and bought a tarp to cover the back window and cleaned out all the glass from the car, which was everywhere.  On Monday we took it to the smash repairers to get a quote and the young guy's Mum called us to say they would pay for the damage. We have a car on loan from the repairers so we can get around and our car should be ready on Friday.  So, it's all working out okay.

Hey I'm sure there are a lot worse places to be stuck than Albany.  There are lots of lovely beaches, yesterday we went to Whale World and today we visited Porongurup National Park.

Mutton Bird Island Beach, Albany WA

But when your on the road and then you suddenly have seven days to spend in the one place, well what can I say . . . we're headed to Margaret River next and I kinda wish we were stuck there.  Sorry Albany!


M said...

Hi there! You are in MY part of the world... Did you pass through lots of towns ending in 'up'? Perhaps you passed through Kojonup?

I hope you LOVE Margaret River. You must take the kids swimming at Castle Rock beach near Dunsborough.

Oh, and buy pastries at Tas's bakery in dunsborough.


Stomper Girl said...

I'm glad he owned up. What a good lad.

I visit Margaret River every Friday night via a bottle of delicious wine!

pretty essential said...

Hi M, yes lots of 'up' towns. Haven't been to Kojonup (saw it on the map), but you never know . . . Thanks for the tips for Margaret River, will definitely check them out.

I know what you mean Stomper Girl, I felt like I was coming home when we called in to the Barossa!

Thanks for your comments guys. :-)

serendipity and kate said...

Hi! I just posted a comment on a Vegie Garden post of yours, then came back to look at your blog and saw that you live at the Blue Mountains. I live in Sydney, but visited the mountains a few weeks ago for an ecology camp. Wondering if you have heard of or visited Secret Creek in Lithgow?

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