Wednesday, 16 May 2007

A Bag for Mary

After telling my sister about my new found love for making bags, she lent me some of her Japanese craft books, which then inspired me to make a few purchases of my own . . . (I know lots of other people have been using these for ages but I'm kinda new to all this!). I love many of the bags and purses in this book by Onishi Junko which I ordered from Kinokuniya in Sydney, and can't wait to try making more of them. Mary saw the bag above and loved it, so we decided to have a go using some of her beautiful merino felt in red. I'm slowly gathering material and hopefully will be able to make a start soon.


bluemountainsmary said...

HI Pretty Essential - looking good! Love seeing my bag in pieces like that so I can get excited about the finished product. Are we going with Leather straps?

pretty essential said...

Thanks bluemountainsmary. Definitely leather straps I think. I'm keeping my eye out for some. I'm also thinking some hand embroidery over some of the seams with maybe a tiny seed bead sewn on as well.