Tuesday, 22 May 2007

Grandma Jean

I spent yesterday morning with my Grandmother who will be turning 90 next January. I wanted to sit down with her and go through old photos and record some of her stories. These are the stories I grew up hearing, the one's about her and my pop starting life together, all the fun they had going to dances, Sunday's at the beach and the tough times financially - the things that happen to families living through wars, depressions and changing times.

I'd like to put them down on paper in some sort of book form together with some of the wonderful photos she's collected, so that the family will have them forever. She has quite an amazing memory and would put many of us to shame with her recall of times and events (including how each of her outfits came about!) and we made a good start on the book.

I was fascinated to hear many details of my grandparents lives, particularly of the period where my grandfather was serving in the second world war, for the first time - even though we all lived together during my childhood .

Looking forward to spending many more lovely mornings together Grandma.

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