Wednesday, 27 June 2007

Knitting nancy - modern style

A great parcel arrived for us yesterday. It was from my Mum and inside was a knitting loom kit and lots of balls of wool. When she came to stay for the weekend a little while back, Keira had great fun whipping up beanies for everyone. It's a bit like french knitting or knitting nancy only on a much bigger scale and instead of churning out a long cord of knitting, with this you go round and round and when it's big enough you pull up the end and voila you've got a beanie. As modeled below . . .
Pretty stylish eh?! Keira made one for her 4 month old cousin and I'm sure many more will be produced before the upcoming school holidays are over! Mum also sent 2 pom pom maker kits so we'll have to have a go at making some of those as well. Any ideas for what to do with pom poms??

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