Monday, 6 August 2007

Hand Stitching

The weekend went by in a blur.

There was lots of baking (custard tarts and damper), very yummy.

There was lots and lots of hand stitching, so much so I think I've suffered my first 'sewing' muscle injury! The middle finger on my right hand was actually aching on Saturday night, and on Sunday morning the joint seemed swollen, visibly larger than on my left hand! A work-place injury, with only myself to blame cause I actually couldn't stop sewing. I was on a roll, with lots of ideas taking shape, and was not going to let a sore finger get in my way.

Keith thinks I'm going mad . . .

Above, is a calico tablecloth I was asked to hem for my childrens' school. A teacher, who taught both Keira and Caley in Kindergarten, is leaving soon and as a present all the children in the Junior school are going to draw a small picture and sign their name onto the tablecloth. We've seen tea towels done like this to great effect and another parent has donated fabric markers for them to use. They just said to hem it, but I thought some hand stitching, in red would be fun and add to the overall look. I probably should've thought about how long the tablecloth was before I started.

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Outi said...

I think the table cloth will be very stylish! The red adds some jazz to it...