Friday, 3 August 2007

Surprise Mail

Well actually I knew it was coming - but I wasn't expecting it to arrive so quickly! A little while ago Nina at kirjakahvila - book cafe offered to send me some Scandinavian magazines as a little surprise gift - very generous of her and perfect for me (being a magazine-addict).

I usually can get my hands on lots of English and American home/lifestyle magazines and if I'm lucky I also manage my favourite Cote Sud from France, all in the name of research, of course (ie. for our new house). But I've not come across any magazines from Scandinavia before. I've had a quick glance through and they look wonderful, full of lovely homes and gardens, so I'm just waiting for a moment of quiet and a cup of tea . . .

Thank you Nina!


Nuttula said...

I am glad they arrived safely, and I hope you have a nice time reading them!

LISEN said...

So nice of her to send you the magazines. Lantlivis one of my favorites :-)