Tuesday, 14 August 2007

Patchwork Tuesday

Today I plan to go to my patchwork class for the first time in quite a while. I started going to classes half way through 2006 (I think) and they've been invaluable for learning the basic techniques and for gaining an insight into how fabric can look so different on bolts in the shop to when it's cut up and stitched together into a quilt.

But not long ago the shop that I was going to closed down (very, very sad) and the class transfered to a different shop in a nearby area. Same teacher and most of my classmates, but a very different feel to the whole thing. The lady who owns the new shop is lovely and has great intentions, but the room where we work is very cramped now that two classes have been combined and it's kind of dark and I just wasn't enjoying the afternoons there as much. So I've had a little break, (also due to school holidays and other commitments clashing with when the class is on) but today I want to go back and try to get back into it.

I love the quilts I've started, one each for all our beds, and even though I don't really need too much tuition as such for my current projects I do need the time assigned to the class to keep them ticking over. It can be difficult to find the time to pick them up at home.

In the magazine, Lantliv, that Nina sent me, I spotted these two lovely quilt ideas. The first has some great cross-stitching on it which reminded me of how I 'sign' my quilts. The S above, is on the back of my first quilt that I made for my son. All the hand quilting isn't finished yet but it's together and I'm pleased with the way it's turned out. The top of a matching one is almost ready to be sewn together to go on his bunk beds.

Also love this yo-yo quilt idea. Could be a good way to use up scraps all sewn onto a neutral background. It's good to be able to store up ideas on this blog for the future, because right now I really need to keep saying to myself - "Must not start any new projects, must not start . . ."!!


janet clare said...

I just love the cross- stitch signing idea. And also, I've wanted to make some yo-yos for ages but haven't liked the look of the traditional quilts with all their holes. So lots of ideas, thankyou!

Nuttula said...

I hope that you enjoyed your class! I just sent you some e-mail, I read about that lovely bag.