Friday, 10 August 2007

The swift bag

Enjoyed making a small linen bag this morning, especially embroidering the little swift. I haven't done any embroidery like this before, so just kept looking at the photo in the book. I think it turned out okay, but would like to try a different method for transferring the pattern next time.

I used this book for the pattern. It's got a lot of great ideas for bags, mostly I just take one bit of one bag and mix it with a shape or detail from another design. They also don't take very long to put together which I find appealing. Not much time around here for complicated projects, hence my lack of finished patchwork quilts. Although that is something that I do dream about putting some effort into soon . . . just not sure when.

Also, I've had some good news. After taking in a selection of bags to the shop on Wednesday, it turns out that this one sold in about 1/2 hour! I was pretty pleased about that, I must say.

Edited to Add: Have just posted the Swift Bag to Nina as a thankyou for the lovely magazines she sent me. Hope you like it Nina!


bluemountainsmary said...

i couldn't see the swift one in the shop today so maybe it has sold as well!

janet clare said...

love the swift! Congratulations on your rapid sale too.
I've been thinking a lot about embroidery, but am trying to resist starting yet another project (embroidered pillowcases for our bed)