Friday, 9 November 2007

The best day

This was taken in the afternoon on Day 7 of our trek. That's Mt Everest with the snow being whipped off it. We're standing at a place called Kala Patar, which is a look-out that gives you the best view of Everest. When you get to Base Camp, your sort of right in amongst the mountains and the actual view isn't so good, so most people aim to reach Kala Patar as the pinnacle of their trek. It's actually higher than Base Camp at 5550 metres and is quite spectacular when you finally make it to the top. With only 50% oxygen in the air - it's pretty tough going!

Kala Patar

To say that I was elated to have made it is definitely an understatement now! We both felt so good physically and it was such a wonderful feeling to be there at 'the top of the world' that it really was a moment we'll never forget. I'm so glad that we got to share it together. By that afternoon we felt like such a team, as it turned out that we did the whole trek by ourselves.

Mt Everest from Kala Patar

So much has happened since we've been back! Our house has finally sold - this is a huge relief. It means we can now hit the 'go' button with the builder of our new house and feel like we're getting on with our plans for the future. Also, those really inconvenient inspections are over - yay! Of course it also means packing up a family home and moving into a half built house, another adventure I guess . . .

I also came home to find some very lovely mail from the other side of the world which I really want to talk about soon. But right now it's off to work on a window schedule and look after a sick little boy home from school.


vonnie said...

Fascinating it is, to hear about your Everest adventure....waiting to hear more. Thanks for sharing your thoughts with the blog-world!

M said...

Wow, what amazing photographs. I hadn't really considered Nepal as high on my list of places to visit but seeing your photos really makes me want to go.