Monday, 26 November 2007

A special parcel from Finland

When I arrived home from Nepal recently, there was a lovely box waiting for me from Outi. We had a little magazine swap a while back and I am only now finding some time to be able to show what Outi very generously sent me and to say a very BIG thank you !!

Instead of sending me magazines, Outi sent a gorgeous Finnish book that showcases the most beautiful homes ever. I really do feel the need to gush, just a bit, about this book because it really hits on the style I like the most and is of course perfect timing, as we attempt to finish our new house at Blackheath.

Also included in the package, were some very yummy choc mints (which are very moorish!), lovely napkins from Green Gate, a great onion bag from Outi's company Minessa and a beautiful handmade card. To receive a parcel like this (from someone I've not actually met!) is such a joy and makes me very happy.

(You can see what I sent to Outi, here.)

Time is moving extremely quickly for me at the moment. There is soooo much to be done around here that I'm feeling slightly overwhelmed. Every day brings new decisions about our house that need to be made quickly as we have a deadline of early January to move. Keira and Caley have two weeks left at school, which is good, but I really wanted to get a lot more done before their holidays started. Oh, and of course there's Christmas to prepare for as well !!

As I go to make more lists, have another cup of tea and try not to panic, I'll leave you with some pictures from Outi's lovely book which relaxes me every time I look through it.

Thanks again, Outi!!

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