Sunday, 18 November 2007

Very proud

Yesterday morning we headed down the mountain to Sydney for a very special event. After completing their next level in piano this year, both Keira and Caley were invited to play in the graduation concert at the Opera House.

Making the decision for the children to learn a musical instrument was quite easy, the benefits are pretty clear I think, but the dedication and discipline to keep practicing isn't always as easy. Piano practice is something that is very repetitive and often tedious. Our teacher has to keep me inspired as much as the children, so that I can keep the practicing at home fun and not too boring.

I quite like this aspect of it, actually. We play games, have lucky dips, at christmas make decorations like chains, all tied in to doing our practice. But of course in real life, when your busy it takes an extra effort sometimes and then sometimes we simply just run out of time.

The children have learnt that sometimes you have to do things you don't always feel like doing and that in the end it is worth it. They both enjoy being able to play different pieces of music and I think, take some pride in their achievement. We've all learnt that it's not really about ability at all, but in fact it's the practicing that makes a difference and of course keeping it fun!

For Caley, this was his first time performing in this sort of concert and I think he was feeling quite proud that he had made it, but also a little nervous having to stand up in front of so many people. He was very sure that he wanted to wear his suit that had been bought earlier in the year for the Ball we attended. To see how happy he was after the concert made it all worth it for me.



vonnie said...

What a proud and happy day for you and your family! So glad you shared this time with us, too!

M said...

Well, KelpieBlossom looked at this post with me and was mighty impressed. "How did they get to the opera house?!" she exclaimed. (she of the Australian Idol generation knows you have to get lots of votes to go there!)

Well done to your little angels.

Jennifer said...

How wonderful! What a terrific accomplishment and joy for all of you! My own son, at age 9, has just started piano lessons and is enjoying himself mightily. True, the daily commitment to practicing isn't always easy, but now that he's finding that he's memorized pieces and his fingers have a sense of what to do all on their own, he's understanding how that practice pays off. Hurray for music lessons for children, for the lifelong gift it is!