Wednesday, 5 December 2007


Bought this fun fabric by Moda yesterday with the plan to make a library/music bag for a girl who is leaving our school next year, and has very kindly passed on her brand new (& v.expensive) school duffle coat to Keira.

The sewing had to wait till the kids had gone to bed. It's quite hectic this week as the school year comes to an end. Today was the Infants Nativity performance, which Caley's Year 2 class stars in. The kids wait till Year 2 to get a speaking part, and as my two seem to have quite a liking for the stage, Caley was determined to have some lines to say. He did very well and I was quite proud, especially as I hadn't helped him learn his lines at all and had delegated that to Keira who is definitely the Drama expert around here!

I had made a bag like this for Keira at the start of the year, so just used it as a guide for this one. I enjoy mixing the fabrics up and these were fun to work with. A local shop has just started to stock some more interesting fabrics which is great. Usually, I have to travel further (or order online) to find fun stuff to use which isn't so great when you want to make something on the spur of the moment.

Now it's on to the next project - which is to make 16 cheerleading pom poms for a ballet performance of the Wizard of Oz (yes, apparently there will be cheerleaders along the yellow brick road). These need to be ready for a rehearsal on Saturday. Kind of regretting volunteering for this one now that I see how long it takes to put them together (!!), but it's the only help I'm providing for the show so will be glad in the end . . .

I am so ready for the school holidays to start! And to start decorating the house for Christmas, a bit behind schedule in that department this year!


bluemountainsmary said...

divine - I am going to commission one for Margot!

Grace will be thrilled.

Fairlie said...

That is an absolutely beautiful bag!

And I love the idea of cheerleaders on the Yellowbrick Road!!

Found you via M and Blue Mountains Mary...

Jennifer said...

I so love your color choices, and your beautiful work. Thank you for all that you share here on your blog, and a very merry Christmas to you and yours!