Wednesday, 12 December 2007

Online again, at last

Last Friday afternoon, while happily snatching a few minutes to quickly look at a couple of lovely blogs - kapow - went something in our computer room. My screen sort of flashed out towards me and then that was it. A fuse had blown, we still had lights but all appliances were off. Out into the rain I went to the box and flicked the switch and everything was back on. Back in the computer room, however, was a very strong burning smell!

Yes, it was another afternoon storm and I should of turned everything off, but these storms are happening so often it's driving me crazy. Our power routinely goes off and on throughout the afternoons.

So anyway, today I'm finally back online, yay! I'm going to take a quick look at what everyone's been up to and then the kids and I are off to buy various bathroom fittings - not very Christmassy but v.important I assure you.


Fairlie said...

There must be something in the stars at the moment - lots of bloggers seem to be having computer issues. None here yet...touch wood. But it reminds me yet again...MUST back up.

M said...

Yes, there have been a lot of computer Gremlins about. Welcome back to the blogosphere.

M said...

BTW congratulations to Keira on her award!

I understand about the anxious state. KB gets herself tied up in knots abot that sort of thing. At least, usually she does. This year she was pretty cool - I wonder whether the stage performing she's had to learn to do this year has helped?

bluemountainsmary said...

so far so good here too!