Tuesday, 15 April 2008

A new home

Well, that little break I planned to have from posting on this blog has really blown out!  I needed to get so much done over Christmas and New Year that I just had to let it go.  But it's interesting that I really feel like getting back to making regular posts, I think blogging gets under your skin after a while.  It's also something only other bloggers 'get', I think.

Anyway, we have a new home! Yeh!! We moved in early in January, to a not-quite-ready house and have been living in a building site ever since.  It's not too bad really, I shouldn't complain, I mean we've got walls and windows, a roof, a small bathroom, mmm, oh and our kitchen has just been installed!

The plan is to live in one end of the house (approx. 1/3 of the house) while the rest is being finished.  I just couldn't face moving into a rental house and then having to pack it all up to move again, and this way more seems to be happening with us here to keep things going. 

It's a beautiful spot that we're all really enjoying, especially at the moment with the children on school holidays.  We're having a break from schedules, early starts, homework, etc and just taking it easy.

Back soon, hopefully!


M said...

Welcome back! I was starting to wonder what was going on. Looking forward to hearing more about your new house.

Fairlie said...

Good to see you back.