Thursday, 17 April 2008

Introducing . . .

. . . the newest member of our family, Honey.

This gorgeous girl joined our family seven weeks ago (although no one believed me when I just mentioned this to the family - it feels like she's always been with us).

She's a local girl that I heard about through a friend of a friend, and then a certain friend helped me decide that we really should take a drive a check out the litter of puppies and the mother.  Of course when we got out of the car and eight little puppies came running through the grass towards us, our husbands really were quite lucky that we only came home with one!

Honey is a recent graduate of Puppy Preschool and I plan to start taking her to the local Dog Training mornings each week.  This is a bit of a new world to me, not sure if I'm turning into one of those dog obsessed people (no offence meant of course!).  

I'm finding it quite fun teaching her, luckily she's a fast learner and is very good company on our many walks around the new property.  Also, as a Blue Heeler I think training is a must and will make our life together much more enjoyable for all.

Another pleasing part of having Honey come to live with us, is seeing my daughter Keira grow in confidence around dogs. She had a nasty incident with a dog when she was about 18 months old and I can't tell you how terrified she has been of any dog ever since.  

We have worked hard for many years to help her overcome this and my mothers dog has been fantastic in helping Keira to relax.  But now, seeing the difference in Keira's demeanour from when Honey first came to now is amazing and very beautiful.

Welcome, Honey.

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M said...

What a gorgeous puppy.

Blossom had a similar-sounding incident with a dog at 18mos of age and it took her ages to be comfortable around dogs again. She is now desperate for one.