Thursday, 25 September 2008

Colorstrology - huh?

I've just discovered that my personal colour is Pantone's Amberlight.  (I got here in a very round about way, via How About Orange).

Apparently it means that I am dramatic, creative and sensitive. Okay, what else?  

"You are enormously creative and inspiring to watch and be around.  You have your own way of thinking and doing things.  You come across as self-assured and powerful.  You tend to have a strong point of view, so it is important to cultivate flexibility and ease when dealing with others.  Your personal colour blends greatness with humility."

Keith got pretty vocal when I read out the bit about having strong views and needing to be flexible, don't know why . . . any family members out there reading this might agree, I guess . . .

You can go to Colorstrology and find your birthday's colour, if like me, you are putting off cleaning up after breakfast, doing some laundry, stripping beds, painting ceilings, etc. etc.



M said...

Hee Hee, I am Dry Rose 18-1725: Profound, Exotic, Committed.

bluemountainsmary said...

Cornflower blue - romantic, emotional,musical...

and apparently putting off picking the kids up from school!

h+b said...

ooh... fun !

Ibis Rose:
Striving, Clever & Spontaneous !

( here via BMM, although i'm *sure* i've visted before too :)

Jimmy Trickle said...

Grapeade - Resourceful, Talented, Playful
(Except when I've got my grumpy pants on!)

The yellow bed is great. I was fully expecting it to be 'Ikea rickety' - but the wooden frame is really sturdy (tho' the metal brace bits jangle a bit - we soundproofed with some gaff tape). We got ours for $150 - pure bargain.

It doesn't come with a mattress - we are still using our old super thick futon and its fine (till we can get a new innerspring).

It has taken some getting used to the height (esp. from a futon). I'm just over 5' and I can't touch the floor when I sit on the edge! Woot!

Fairlie said...

Adriatic Blue 17-4320

Grand,sensitive, daring and putting off all sorts of household chores.

Megan said...

Thanks for visiting Before Our Time! Cheers, Megan and Alison