Tuesday, 7 October 2008

Living with nature

I had a little break from posting last week, our first week of school holidays and focused on spending lovely sunny days with the kids. It was relaxing and good to be outside together.

Yesterday my family came up from Sydney for lunch and we got to show them our new house and property. They've heard so much about it (including occasional moaning on my part...) and it was fun to be able to show them around.

The weather was a bit cold but we still managed to eat outside. It's interesting times for all of us at the moment and it was really great to eat, drink and talk things over together. (I haven't quite got the hang of the blogging way of taking photos of everything as it's happening! So no photos, must get into the habit of taking more photos)

Keira and Cal left with my parents to spend this week at their place. They love doing this. It's a break from the usual routine of being at home and there's always lots going on.

I miss them already but am also relishing the quiet. Apparently Keith has a list of jobs he wants us to get done while they're away - argh! I am insisting on one day of sewing though!

Before the kids left, they worked on this nature table. It's a little school like, but they had fun collecting things for it and we plan to keep it as a changing display.

Also spotted hanging out at our place recently, was this beautiful blue kingfisher. Mary, you need to come and get a good photo of him!



M said...

How nice to have a week to yourselves. And that Kingfisher is beautiful, I do hope Mary gets to photograph it.

bluemountainsmary said...

I need to get Keith to build me a hide!

Stomper Girl said...

I love the kingfisher. Hope you get your day of sewing!