Saturday, 6 September 2008

A very wet Saturday

Our spring weather lasted 2 days before the rain and cold set in again. I think this happens every year but I always get excited that the cold is over and then have to go through a bit more winter before spring weather becomes the norm.

We used this wet weather day to work inside and started the day by painting this wall in the kitchen. It's a colour that Porters calls White Clay, but the guy who mixed it at the store (a friend of Keiths) nicknamed it Sick Camel and it seems that it will only be known by this name now. . .

I also finished this rug that was started a long time ago in a slightly different way. When I didn't have any wool and was looking for something to do one night, I found the squares I'd started and undid them, then started again making a giant granny square.

I like the way it turned out, particularly the wide border and of course am feeling very pleased with myself for getting it finished quite quickly!

Keira's birthday is on Monday but the celebrating starts tomorrow so this Lemon Cake was made and decorated with her name. It's a bit bright for my liking but she loves it.

The kids amused themselves with some cardboard that came home from Ikea, first Keira started with a K for herself.

Then Caley had a go and made a D for Dad in honour of Fathers Day tomorrow.

A good day. Enjoy your weekend!

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M said...

Happy Birthday Keira!

I love the rug, I think it's turned out very well. Great colours.

Hmmmm, sick camel? Such a selling point. Oh see how our kitchen is painted in a lovely shade of sick camel... Looks great and not at all sick.