Tuesday, 14 October 2008

Scrap Challenge


My package from JC Handmade arrived yesterday. I've signed up for my first ever blog fabric swap. It appealed to me because I liked the idea of receiving a little parcel of fabric scraps and then the challenge of having to make something out of them (if your not a fabric person I get that this probably just sounds weird).

Not sure what to make, when it's quiet after dinner I'll have a good look at the fabric and think of something. The finished pieces can be seen here.



M said...

Now, you see, that's the difference between a real clever craft person and the rest of us. Where you see possibilities, I just see fabric scraps. Looking forward to the finished project.

AnnieB said...

ooohh, some VERy pretty fabrics there. Looking forward to seeing what you make with them.

Fairlie said...

You see possibilities, M sees scraps and I just see something which I may start enthusiastically... and then will languish unfinished in the WIPs pile for, oh, around 10 years or so.

I do look forward to seeing what you end up doing though!