Monday, 20 October 2008

Usefull skills

I now have experience in all sorts of building jobs, and can add gyprocking and cornicing to the list. My arm and neck muscles are aching, but luckily the bath has finally been installed so much soaking and relaxing in the evening has been happening.

Cornice in my new bedroom - Gyprocking the carport

I've learnt two things; Keith is very lucky that I'm not scared of heights, and life would be a lot easier if I was just a bit taller . . .

Along the way I found some time to finish my scrap challenge. I decided to make a little zippered bag and use the different scrap fabrics as decoration.

Each one was cut out in a hexagon shape and sewed together. I used a piece of felt as backing to give it a padded feel.

The back is a piece of linen with one of the fabrics highlighted.

It's a little wonky and a bit smaller than I had in mind, but I like the way the fabrics look together and the patchwork feel of it.

There are some really clever things being made, it's well worth a look at the flickr group. A big thank you to Jennifer from JC handmade for organising this swap!



M said...

Now see I looked at the pile of scraps and thought "scraps". You thought "zippered bag". Fabulous.

Oh, and I would be useless at the skills you have in the building trade - I am terrible with heights!

AnnieB said...

ooooh, LOVE it!

Fairlie said...

You thought 'zippered bag', and you actually followed through and completed it. You see, that's where you and I differ...