Monday, 21 July 2008

Back to School

After three weeks of school holidays, it was a very quiet morning tea time here today. It's been really great to have had Keira and Caley around while Keith and I continue to work on getting the rest of the house habitable. We had given ourselves the deadline of these holidays to try to have the children's bedrooms ready, well we haven't made it. We're waiting on the Electrician, he's now supposed to be here on Wednesday . . .

We take heart by looking at how far we've come, and for me the fun part of playing around decorating the rooms is just around the corner. Time to get that folder of ideas out and get inspired to keep working.

Today's job - working on the staircase. Oiling treads and painting balustrades. All 47 of them!

(ps. I did manage to take the kids on a few outings these holidays and I'm sure they've enjoyed the break - I wouldn't want it to sound too much like boot camp around here!)

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kurrabikid said...

Doing great - those treads look fantastic!