Thursday, 17 July 2008

They're ready

All 64 squares are finished (including threading the ends in!) and are ready to be sewn together. I think I'll try out the different methods for joining the squares and see which effect I like the best. I also plan to crochet a border around the outside of the rug, using up the left over yarn, not that there's much of that really. I'm quite surprised by how much yarn a rug takes! But hopefully it will be with us for a long time and I know Keira is looking forward to snuggling up with it.

This will be my first finished crothet project and I'm feeling quite proud of myself for getting this far!

Also, I came home from visiting a good friend today with a little gift.

The photo isn't very good, but the scarf is in the most lovely green, blue and grey shades. It's very warm and soft and I love it - thank you!


M said...

Well I'm certainly looking forward to seeing the finished rug. And isn't Mary a darling, such a lovely scarf.

bluemountainsmary said...

You are very welcome!

How pretty does the turquoise look against that grey?!

Fairlie said...

That is a huge achievement - well done to you! And what a lovely scarf from Mary too! You're both too clever.