Thursday, 24 July 2008

How happy does she look?

Where we live is a pretty small town. It doesn't seem to take too long to meet people around the place. (So far this has been a good thing!)

We've noticed a woman walking two miniature horses along the street we live on a few times since we moved here and every time we passed these tiny horses, Keira would come up with elaborate schemes for how she could get to meet them. I'd have to drive very slowly pass them so she could have a good look, the poor woman probably thought she was being stalked!

Then one day a man came to work on the house, got talking to Keith, and sure enough it's his wife who owns the horses. So of course they said Keira could come and meet them and walk them back to their house where they sleep each night.

Keira is a typical 9 year old girl who is keen on horses. A close friend of hers has a pony that she keeps nearby and the two of them hang out on the weekends there, riding and looking after 'Dexter'. This arrangement suits us fine as the last thing we want right now is the responsibility of a horse to look after!

I love these photos. Keira just looks so happy! The last one is obviously way too dark, but I included it because I like the feel of it. It's gone dusk, and they're headed home for the night . . .



a home far away said...

She looks really happy! So would I if I could spend some time with those beautiful horses!

Have a great week!

//Gunilla in Singapore

Fairlie said...

Wow Those horses are very cute...I've seen dogs bigger than them!

M said...

Oh, that's so lovely. I love to see a happy smiling girl.

Mits said...

Superb! These horses are a beauty to look at. The girl looks contented enough with the horses.